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Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
3:42 pm

for my birthday, i got an awesome book i urge you to check out

The Pirate Queen

it is about grace o'malley and other female seachicks.

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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
4:04 pm - this is an ART CALL to SAVE google from being LAME

so, my usual adoration for my favorite website ever,
www.google.com, has dropped to a record low.

if you're an artist, let's make more pirate woman art!

i searched for "pirate woman" pictures to get costume design ideas and this is the crap that came up:

what crapCollapse )

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Thursday, June 26th, 2003
9:57 am - WHEW.

Okay, I had lost the password to the community, but I finally remembered it. A big apology to anyone who sent me the treasure hunt information and had it bounce back! That was my old e-mail address, and when I changed service providers, I had a new one--but I couldn't change the e-mail in the community info because I forgot the password, and when I filled out the forgotten password form, of course it went to my OLD e-mail. XP

Anyway, it is fixed now. Please send your applications again if you see this :)

current mood: relieved

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
1:00 am - ...

Here are some images from the old silent film, Black Pirate:

And to be more seavixen-specific, here is a pirate lady pin-up from a site collection.. :D

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Thursday, November 14th, 2002
10:18 am - Artwork


Some neat characters. Not sure if he's being historically accurate, but who cares? (I'm too tired to ask if he meant privateer or pirate, and if they're privateers, why one of them is the son of a pirate.) Anyway, very cool drawings. I enjoyed them.

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002
4:13 pm - Taken from sebethis How could I resist?

Your pirate name is:

Dread Pirate Kidd

Like the famous Dread Pirate Roberts, you have a keen head for how to make a profit. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Learn your pirate name here: http://www.fidius.org/quiz/pirate.php

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
4:03 am - Book Review - Long John Silver's memoirs

Björn Larsson is one of my new favorite writers.

He wrote Long John Silver, The true and eventful History of my Life of Liberty and Adventure as a Gentleman of Fortune and Enemy to Mankind. This is his supplement to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, the memoirs of Barbecue as told by Long John Silver himself.

An ordinary person who has never read Treasure Island and knows nothing about historical piracy can certainly enjoy this book. It's clever, with subtly recurring themes and rewarding characters. There is plenty of action as well as philosophy, and the reader would no doubt be left with a much better understanding of the machinations behind The Golden Age of Piracy than they had upon opening the book to page one.

A person who has read Treasure Island yet knows nothing of historical piracy would enjoy the book even more. Larsson fleshes out the characters the reader already met in Stevenson's masterpiece, giving them the depth, quirks, and backgrounds that make people more interesting than cardboard cutouts. The reader would benefit from the viewpoint of an older, mature man rather than a young boy, and revel in the "private joke" feeling one gets from surreptitious mentions of the other work.

A person who has read Treasure Island and has knowledge of historically accurate piracy will have an intellectual orgasm. Larsson, a seasoned seaman himself, has taken a fictional character and literally inserted him into history. He manipulated Silver's life to fit among the lives of real pirates of the era. Silver speaks with Defoe in a cafe, and sails as quartermaster on England's ship. He spends time on slave ships, with the boucaniers, and rejoices with the crews of various vessels on Johanna and Sainte Marie.

Not only has Larsson done his homework on the reality of the lives of pirates (including a brief and subtle allusion to sodomy in the second chapter! haha), he stepped into Silver's skin with admirable agility. The narrator is not a Swedish author trying to keep his keyboard steady while his sailboat rocks in the North Sea--you are hearing Long John Silver's own words and thoughts. He's cynical, he hates God, and he cares about nothing but the prolonging of his own life. Through this sarcastic, self-serving gentleman of fortune, Larsson portrays the piratical life the way it really was: full of lust and thirst and aggression. His characters are not seeking treasure, they're seeking life and death "in advance," in his own words.

If you're a pirate enthusiast, you simply have to read this book, and it wouldn't hurt you to read it if you're not. In fact, you may well become one afterward.

current mood: giddy

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Thursday, September 19th, 2002
2:51 pm - Hardy har har... the best holiday ever!

It be talk like a pirate day, and if ye scurvy dogs make an entry in this journal, best it be in pirate-speak (or if ye be l337, in pir8-sp34k), or t' rest of us'll throw ye to the sharks!


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Sunday, September 15th, 2002
2:01 am - story fragment...want to write the next part?

Piece of a storyCollapse )

* * *

I have a few further parts to this, but I haven't decided where I want to go. So I thought maybe one of you guys would like to attempt writing the next part. I'm not really wanting to get into another or full collaboration--most likely I'll finish the story on my own. But I thought maybe it would be fun if you write "the next part" as you see it, or, if someone else has replied, the next part after THEIRS. :) Because right now, it could go MANY directions, and I could use a little prompting.

P.S. There are a few intentional inaccuracies; this is meant to be a fantasy world that loosely mirrors our own (you may have noticed the absence of projectile weapons, and the strange country names, for example). However, if you DO notice something inaccurate, tell me about it please--if there's something I missed I may want to correct it. Thank you :)

current mood: flirty

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
4:48 pm - ATTENTION

okay, i just got back from a sea scout long cruise that was nearly perfect sans one person. the female officer.

we are looking for a new (female) leader for our sea scout crew.

21 or more years of age
Near bellingham area
loves the sea
can deal with several teenages on trips
responsibility and leadership

please! andrea is a psyco bitch! if you are even interested in checking it out, let me know immediatly!

current mood: desperate

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Thursday, August 1st, 2002
12:40 pm - All hands ta muster in Bellingham

On the 3rd o' August the Lady Washington, the Hawaiian Chieftan, an' possibly other tall ships are due ta sail in ta Bellingham Bay at about 8:00pm. They'll open fer tours on the 4th, an' set sail fer Blaine on the 5th, at 10:00am. Watch 'em sail in, then come take an up close look at em the next day. 'Tis a sight ta see, an' ya kin lay ta that.

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Saturday, July 20th, 2002
9:11 pm

so, do any of you (in bellingham)

own, or have access to a boat? if so, it would be super fun to all dress up, and go play! i crave adventure!

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7:37 pm - Synthetic sea

During the times of the ancient Roman empire, when they would hold gladiator matches and things, they would also have mock sea battles. They would fill a stone arena aaall the way up with water, and then actually put several large ships in there, which would float and sail, like in a seaglobe. And the slaves on these ships would have battles for people's entertainment. They DIED, since you can't fake dying under those sort of circumstances, but I just thought that was wildly interesting that they would put in small oceans practically. I wish there were drawings of that.

Just thought that was interesting and worth sharing. :D

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
5:15 pm - In which Peter Pan induces hysteria

'Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life
The flag o' the skull and bones,
A merry hour, a hempen rope,
And hey for Davy Jones.'
- James Matthew Barrie

current mood: giggly

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Friday, July 12th, 2002
6:49 pm

Hallo! Has anyone heard the song "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper"? It's not terribly long, but it's a nifty song, and you should download it if you have an internet music download site place. If you dooon't have one though, and you don't wanna spend all summer searching for this one song which I'm sure you're all dying to hear ;) I'd be more than happy to record it to a tape cassette and snailmail it to anyone who's interested.

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
1:35 am

I just had facial surgery done and, as a result, I was supposed to get to relax at home like a troll with a nasty bloody patch over my right eye. However, with little begging, I was able to convince my mum to shell out the 3 bucks to buy me a handy-dandy black eye-patch. And so, here's moi, slightly more seavixen-esque than ever... (new cam. ergo, massive spurts of vanity.)


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Friday, June 28th, 2002
6:59 pm - Hmm

Hi! I just joined. I had heaps of fun with the treasure hunt. Well, sorta. I couldn't find some of the things I wanted. And it was very late at night.

I'm going out of town this weekend--haha, early tomorrow morning, to be exact!--and I'll be sure to use a sailor's accent at least half of the time. As if I'd let my parents g anywhere unhumiliated, pssht! We'll be right by the ocean bay, too, so it'll be perfectly fitting. I can't wait. So, ah, um, hello everyone else!

current mood: excited

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Thursday, June 13th, 2002
5:44 pm - hpeach the Pirate Fest, '02!

WARNING: There are a LOT of pictures. Slower connections proceed at own risk.Collapse )

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Friday, May 31st, 2002
12:55 pm


i'm *new* because it took me forever to complete the treasure hunt,
and technically, i'm not done yet.

i need a pic of me being pirates...


i thought i'd introduce myself.

MaLora Ann - Dread Piratess

favorite food : RUM
favorite sword : scimitar (one for each grubby hand)
favorite pirate : ching shih (sigh, i'm in love)
favorite new word : circe
favorite type of boat : ketch (any type of ketch, the swifter the better)
favorite new rhyme my corny step-dad told me :

"if all the sailors were like fish in the ocean,
then i'd be a PIRATE and show 'em the motion"

favorite flavor : pineapple rum
favorite torture : slash and burn, slash and burn

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
1:21 pm - my invitation...


This is the invitation that I sent to my friends for my birthday party ;) It's so cool! I wanted to invite tons more people but my house is REALLY small :S

current mood: artistic

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