candyland of enforced glee (pussinboots) wrote in seavixens,
candyland of enforced glee

hpeach the Pirate Fest, '02!

MaLora, you should save these, because I am going to delete them soon so I don't take up too much of Adam's bandwidth... :)

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Wow, that guy and that chick are hot. How the hell did I end up in the same picture with them?!

damn, we look hot!

and pussinboots, your userpics just keep getting cooler...
thanks for the pictures!
Anything for a fair damsel :D
ahh! i have that bandana!

and that chick who wears it looks like Agent M from the piratey band Tsunami bomb!

*practically swoons into her grog*
She is the hottest hot in the whole hot. :D *swoon*

Which means I'll probably like Agent M ;D Hey maybe it IS her. Her name is MaLora. ;) I guess she'd have to be Agent ML.
something tells me we just made her a new nickname! ;)

i need to meet her, considering we have matching bandanas
I love it!I'm joining this online group fair damsel!
ka-SWEET! :D

I cannot wait to get your submission ;)