MaLora Ann (malora_ann) wrote in seavixens,
MaLora Ann

this is an ART CALL to SAVE google from being LAME

so, my usual adoration for my favorite website ever,, has dropped to a record low.

if you're an artist, let's make more pirate woman art!

i searched for "pirate woman" pictures to get costume design ideas and this is the crap that came up:

ok, so this next one is actually rad.

how sad! we need more pirate art in the female form.

you guys know of any good stuff? respond with the hook-ups mates!
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I want to learn to draw woodcut style, so I can emulate the authentic pictures, only I am going to give them modern elements. Then people will think it is old, and do a double-take.

But I have not done that yet, and I am lazy. Um, I will upload an entire section on women pirates at when I get it up :/ Then we can have lots of art :)
I know this is an old post, but have you tried Linoleum Relief Printmaking? it's quite easy and you get the same great look of the old woodcuts but easier to make. Xacto makes plenty of great tools for the cutting. I don't bother with a handle, I wrap a wad of scrap sculpy around it, cook it...permanent tool :-)

Here is more than enough info if you are interested.

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she's hot. and blue.
I've already accepted that my penis will prevent be from becoming a Sea Vixen.

However, I still think you all should read about my personal pirate hero, Jean Lafitte.

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i agree about what to search on.
i was trying to point out how there needs to be more art that is of pirate women.

thanks for your links though!

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that's great!