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seavixens's Journal

Sea Vixens
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seavixens is a community for female pirate enthusiasts. (Male members who are obsessed with female pirates ARE welcome.)

Not all the pirates were male, and in fact, some of the fiercest pirates were women. These women defied the conventions and constraints of their society. Striving for freedom and independence at all costs, female pirates were some of the most colorful, romantic, and dazzling figures in history.

Whether your interests lie in fact or fiction, literature or movies, imagination or real costumes, you are welcome to apply. See here for the guide on how to join. Were you expecting an open community? Sorry lass...the only way you can join is by finishing the treasure hunt. Unless of course, you come up with a creative and unique form of application that impresses the crew...but it is probably better just to do the treasure hunt.